Product & Services

​ CORPORATE COMMUNICATION: Annual and interim reports, press releases, analyst coverage, corporate guidelines, in-house magazines.

​ GENERAL BUSINESS TOPICS: Business plans, presentations, process audits, strategies, audit reports, official & operating instructions, questionnaires/measures, catalogues, image brochures, manuals.

​ RISK MANAGEMENT: Basel II Compliance, other legislation or Corporate-led requirements (e.g.: Compliance & Operational Risk Management, etc.).

​ REFINEMENT: Specific Objective –Oriented coaching in English for 1st Tier Executives.

​​ EDITING SERVICE: Editing/review of texts and manuals that have been previously translated.

Added Value: 

The advantage of using my services is the interplay of the 3 E’s for added value: 


Communicating effectively - Improving your image - 
Convincing business partners - Winning customers and investors