​​ Mission Statement

To give you optimum support in communicating effectively in the target language. To build a strong working relationship with you, thereby acquiring an in-depth knowledge of your business and corporate language in the interest of fulfilling your communication needs.

​​ The Approach

—A good understanding of the business environment and, specifically, of your business, is crucial to delivering good translation work. Effective communication is the “life blood" of any enterprise, that is my business. My concentration in the business and financial community, combined with long-standing experience as a professional and freelance translator, facilitates this approach and enables me to deliver the highest quality service .

Consultation and close cooperation with you as my customer, and the consistent incorporation of your requests as to style, terminology, along with Internet-based research done on your company, and other pertinent information, enables me to customize translations in line with your needs. It goes without saying that knowledge gained of your company and work done for you will be treated in the strictest confidentiality.

​​ Your Corporate Translation Strategy:

CHANGE IS HERE TO STAY   Crossing borders may have already been the driver for your business. Your translation strategy will naturally depend on your corporate strategy, but building and running operations in other countries means that the translated word is required to transcend communication barriers. 

There are a number of options open to you for sourcing the skills needed for this type of communication, such as:
—​ building an in-house team of translators,
—​ buying in these services from external sources,
​​ a combination of both.

If you intend to outsource your needs, either by having this managed through your in-house translators in the form of building a virtual team, or by selecting individuals or teams of translators outside your company, I can help.